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Casino NZ Travel Impact

Casinos have a huge impact on the travel industry and continues to positively influence travelling in New Zealand. According to the Betting Demonstration 2003, the whole point of the gambling industry in the country is to ensure that there are advances in the travel industry. And with that, gambling clubs and sites have been working to keep travel intact.


Casinos are a clear traveller magnet. What this basically means is that casinos are enticing enough to attract travellers into the country. The goal is to draw in as many tourists as possible while boosting the country’s economy.


New Zealand has six land-based casinos that are spread out across the country with two in Queenstown. Moreover, casinos use cross-outskirt travel to attract travellers. How this works is that if a gambler lives in an area where gambling is not permitted, they can easily travel to another area where they will be able to access any form of gambling.

Casino NZ Travel Impact

Tourists Visit New Zealand to Gambling

Casinos impact the travel industry massively. This has been proven by the number of vacationers who have made their way to the country. According to a study by Camper Champ, the majority of tourists that come to New Zealand are from Australia. Although Australia has its own casinos, 39.6 percent of its citizens prefer visiting New Zealand for their gambling activities.

New Zealand Casinos Impact Travel Industry Using Online Platforms

There are numerous platforms that Kiwis can use to access their favourite casino games. Mr Bet casino New Zealand online is the most popular one . With this platform, gamblers can play from the comfort of their homes.


Maintaining online casinos comes at a much lower price unlike the land-based properties. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, players are more likely to stay at home and rather gamble there. There has been a surge in online gambling because players are able to spend as much time as possible on their PC, tablet or smartphone playing their favourite games. Unlike brick-and-mortar clubs, online betting platforms are blasting.

New Zealand has the Most Virtual Players

Results from NZ’s ‘Settlement Review’ reveal that the country has the most casino virtual players in the world followed by Australia. According to the study, most Kiwi players are more inclined to playing online than at land-based casinos.


When looking at Australia, the study further reveals that on average, one Australian spends roughly 1,288 US dollars at an online casino. aus online casino Syndicate is one of the most popular spots that gamblers spend their time at.


According to research, it is clear that although there are a number of tourists who come to New Zealand, casinos do not have a direct impact on the travel industry. In addition, not all of the country’s casinos are a hotspot for global voyagers

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